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I am Afshin Bashirzadeh.
A freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer.
Member of Iranian Graphic Designer’s Society (IGDS).
Take a look at my work and if you like it I would love to hear from you!

I believe that without design and color the world would be a very stagnant and uninspiring place.

“ I take all my inspiration from life and then create a vision. I understand that creativity is essential to keeping a balance between form and function in my designs. I also keep a watchful eye on changing trends in design, in order to have a unique and new approach to expressing ideas and emotions through visual communications.

I have passionate opinions about all creative things and often find myself at home somewhere between art and design. I believe that our industry has the opportunity to educate, inspire and create positive changes within Society.

I bring my in-depth experience to the fields of brand identity, print, marketing and art direction to every project. I have experience with designing, directing and managing creative projects from concepts to production.

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